First Job in Australia

Well, this is most important subject when coming to a foreign land. To leave a job and comfort and find a new job in new place is never been easy but not impossible. Be ready to test your patience and learn new things.

Some of you may get lucky and receive a job offer even before landing in Australia. But for many newcomers this is still an area of many unknowns.

There are various online portals to apply jobs for eg. Seek ,Gumtree, Linkedin jobs, indeed etc. One needs to be actively involved in job hunt to get his or her first job.

Networking is an important aspect in Australian Job Market. You need to reach out to people instead of waiting for them to come to you. I will like to share few tips which i think worked in my case:

  • Advance Planning: Research the job market. See whats in demand and accordingly get some experience in that technology. I used to watch lots of youtube videos and read online materials.
  • Stay motivated and Confident.
  • you should be able to decide a salary range for yourself. Google the job salary range for your experience and expertise and set a range for yourself. When a recruiter ask your salary expectations and a reply like "that you haven't given it a thought" is not good.
  • Start your day early: This gives you enought time to apply for majority of jobs and also when the recruiters are active.
  • Apply job with quality and Not quantity. Even if you apply 2 to 3 jobs daily but if these job applications are up to the point i.e. both the Cover Letter and Resume should match with the job description then you have hjgh chance of getting calls from recruiters. You cannot have a single cover letter and Resume for all the jobs.
  • Don't loose patience. Be ready to give 2-6 months to start with your first job.
  • Be ready to loose many opportunities in lack of local experience