Driving License Process in Australia

After settling down, people think to take car as next stage so thought to share process to get driving license also. Australia has a strong train network.We are staying here for almost one year but never felt the need of car for daily commute.It also depend on your accomodation choice.

If you come to Australia as a permanent resident, you can drive for 3 months on your overseas licence and then you have to get NSW licence to be able to drive in NSW. On any temporary visa, you can drive on your overseas licence without getting NSW licence. You can still get one but that’s totally up to you.

  • If your overseas licence is more than 3 years old then you can go straight for full driving licence after getting learners licence.
  • If your overseas licence is less than 12 months then you will need to go through P1 and P2 stages.
  • If your overseas licences is more than 12 months old and but less than 3 years then you can go to P2 straight without having P1 status. That saves you bit of time.

Process to get the licence

You need below documents(in oroginal) to apply for any type of licence:

  • Proof of identity - You need to give two documents.
  • proof of your residency status
  • Overseas licence, if applicable
  • Book Driver Knowledge Test - You may need to pay fee while booking
  • Once you have all above things in handy, you will need to fill up driver application form.Please download form to see list of doucuments and form to submit.
  • Pay the relevant Fee - if needed
  • Pass an eyesight test
  • Complete Driver Knowledge Test (Irrespective even if your licence is more than 3 years old)

Once you done all the above, you will be issued NSW Learners Licence and depending upon how old your overseas licence is, you can go for Full Drivers licence.

NOW at this point, some service centres may ask you to produce letter from your overseas licensing issuing authority (on their letterhead) or local diplomatic office to confirm the licence details. If licence issuing authority issues letter in regional language, make sure to get it translated. You can also approach VFS in Sydney to get the licence verification done. This can be done via a small process and all requirements are given here

This seems a lot but it is much simpler process.