First Accomodation in Australia

Australia offers list of accomodations type to choose as per your need and budget.This is better choice to books first accomodation for short term 7-15days and look for better options once you are here .

There are various online portals where you can search for suitable accommodation:

I will share my inputs as per my experience.

  • If you are looking for job, you can go for shared accomodation as per your budget where you will have your own room and will share kitchen, hall and washroom (you can also have private washroom , depends on the type of accommodation) with other person. Generally, people don't do any contract on shared accomodation unless you are not going through registered property dealer.You can find a list of good accomodation starting from $250 for couple.

    Points to take care for shared accomodation: Try to go with rent inclusive all bills to avoid any misunderstanding.

  • If you are settled with job , you can go with the accomodation as per your choice.You need to book inspection and fill the application form then owner will finalize among all applications.

    The rent varies from place to place for eg. A studio apartment in Sydney city will cost around $400-600 pw. (Incl. Car parking). Suburbs which are more than 15 km far from sydney city ( i.e. around 45 mins - 1hr train journey) will generally costs around 400-600 for a 2 bhk apartment and 500-700 for a 3 bhk

  • In most cases, you need to give 2 weeks rent as deposit and 2 weeks advance rent. So that means you need to be ready to pay at least 4 weeks rent.
  • Also there is a 2-4 weeks notice policy.
  • In any case of accomodation,the closer you are from the train station,you may need to pay few more bucks